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Becoming a Green Goddess – or at least on the way…

By Heather Baynes – TUMW Holistic Living Contributer

For a years now I’ve been pursuing this Holistic Lifestyle and I’ve sort of ignored the “going green” part. In all fairness to myself I thought I was doing a good job. I drive a Prius. I use Shaklee cleaning products, organic lotions, and tried to recycle when I can. I brought my reusable bags to the grocery store and often forgot them in the car – but blamed…

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Artist of the YEAR

There wasn’t an artist that had more hits on the charts this year then Lady GaGa who has a whopping 4 smash hits on our list of the Top 30 Workout Songs of ’09 – if you don’t have the list yet, get signed up for our newsletter and get it for free.

With a duet with Beyonce set to hit the airwaves, Lady GaGa shows no signs of slowing in 2010.

Get to know her here.

Recipe of the Week

When my wife and I begin to plan our meals for the week, we always consider this recipe for Buffalo Chicken Salad. Not only is it easy, but it super healthy and delicious. There are many Buffalo chicken Salads out there and MANY of them will leave you with a few extra inches around your waist, but this nice recipe from Ellie Krieger will have you back for seconds and not feeling guilty about it.

Get the recipe here.